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Submitted on
January 3, 2013
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bending backward,
out of place.
bending backward,
fell out of space.

head spinning,
eyes swimming,
running fast,
but never winning.

lie to yourself,
it's all the same.
lie to yourself, 
play the game.

falling through,
a big black hole,
find myself,
feeling like a mole.
I can't see,
can only be.
Smells of nothing,
not even loathing. 

Happy with the darkness,
now finds the light.
begins another long lived plight.
Soon again, I find it okay,
and go along with my day.

The world is twisting,
all about,
colours changing, 
crying out.
greens turned purple,
purples, pinks.
I feel extroverted,
and full of thinks.
Full of happiness,
bursting to the brink.

I feel myself laugh,
at something you can't perceive,
cannot look at,
cannot believe. 

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